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Types of skills


Types of tasks



Ознакомительное, просмотровое/поисковое изучающее- с целью полного понимания отрывков из произведений художественной литературы

Ответы на вопросы, определение замысла автора, оценка информации, понимание смысла текста и его проблематики, использование элементов анализа текста.




Передача и запрос информации, выражение отношения к прочитанному, оценочное описание мест, событий, повествование о событиях, сопровождающееся их анализом с соответствующими выводами.




Заполнение таблиц, написание эссе

2. ‘To Build a Fire

a) - c) возможны различные варианты ответов

Check your comprehension
a) He stepped knee-high in a treacherous spring hidden under ice cover;

b) An hour delay to get to the camp;

c) Under a spruce tree, because it was easier to pull the twigs from the brush and drop them directly on the fire;

d) *He has to be able to build a fire for the first attempt because the circulation of the wet and freezing feet has to be restored and running will not help.

* No man must travel alone in the Klondike after fifty below;

e) возможные вариант ответа: proud, level-headed, …;

f) The snow falling from the tree like avalanche put the fire out and covered it completely;

g) Building the fire under the tree.

Check your comprehension
a) Because he realised that failing to maintain the fire meant not only losing his hands and feet, but it was a matter of life and death;

b) He stopped shivering and he hoped that he would be able to reach the camp;

c) The distance to the camp, the fact that freezing has started long ago and that he soon would be dead.
Check your comprehension
a) It angered him and he cursed it;

b) He decided to accept death with dignity as sleeping off to death seemed to be a good idea;

c) That the old man was right;

d) It abandoned the dead man and trotted up the trail in the direction of the camp to find the food-providers and fire-providers.


JANE AUSTEN (1775-1817)

Types of skills


Types of tasks



Ознакомительное, просмотровое/поисковое, изучающее- с целью полного понимания отрывков из произведений художественной литературы.

Ответы на вопросы, заполнение пропусков, выбор заголовков




Достижение договоренности, выражение отношения к прочитанному, установление контакта при общении, построение высказывания.




Краткое изложение прочитанного, написание эссе

  1. Janeites

Open discussion and answer at end of unit

  1. George Saintsbury’s. A history of 19th Century Literature

a) - c) Open discussion and individual answers


a) возможны различные варианты ответов

b) возможные варианты ответов:

Gothic romances

Sentimental novels

Women writers

Realistic novelists

Ann Radcliffe

Oliver Goldsmith

Samuel Richardson

Ann Radcliffe

Fanny Burney

Maria Edgeworth


возможны различные варианты ответов


possible groupings
a) marriage, family life: husband hunting, on the marriage market, to be left on the shelf, elopement, fidelity, spinsterhood, sibling, wet nurse, outmoded institution;

b) women’s hobby: to embroider samplers, scraps of fabric;

c) literary expressions: scene-setting, to be reread, well-thumbed, gentle mockery;

d) medical connotations: leeches, malnutrition;

e) virtues: reverence, fidelity

возможны различные варианты ответов


a) The theme of husband hunting – eligibility on the basis of wealth;

b) Mrs Bennet is curious by nature, ready to listen to gossips and use the information for her benefit. She wants her husband on her side therefore not only sharing what she has heard but influencing her husband at the same time;

Mr Bennet comes across as a rather passive, well-respected character, who wants to please his wife but ready to come up with mild objections as well;

c) ‘design’ – intention, plan on the young man’s part to marry; it is Mrs Bennet’s design;

d) No, he does not. (would be against the etiquette) It is flattery;

e) the Bennet’s daughter; Mrs Bennet’s favourite;

f) light-hearted, slightly mocking but respectful. They seem to have a good marriage based on love and mutual respect;

g) возможны различные варианты ответов
h) ‘quick parts’ – wit; ‘three and twenty years’ – twenty-three years; ‘little information’ – not clever, not educated.

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