Правила чтения Местоимения: личные (именительный и объективный падежи), притяжательные, указательные Исчисляемые и неисчисляемые существительные Множественное число существительных

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(см. учебник: “Английский язык для физкультурных специальностей” – Е.А.Баженова, А.Ю.Гренлунд, Л.Я.Ковалева, А.В.Соколова либо другой доступный для Вас учебник)
Грамматические темы для изучения:

  1. Правила чтения

  2. Местоимения: личные (именительный и объективный падежи), притяжательные, указательные

  3. Исчисляемые и неисчисляемые существительные

  4. Множественное число существительных

  5. Притяжательный падеж имен существительных

  6. Артикли (определенный, неопределенный, нулевой)

  7. Конструкция have got / has got

  8. Образование и употребление простого настоящего времени (Present Simple)

  9. Обороты: there is / there are

Устные темы для самостоятельного изучения:

1.Приветствие, прощание, представление себя и других людей в официальной и неофициальной обстановке

2.Межличностные взаимоотношения (внешность людей, характер человека, семейное древо, повседневная жизнь семьи);

3.Жизнь в городе и на селе (дом, домашние обязанности, распорядок дня, время в английском языке, мой город, моя страна);

Задания на 1 семестр:

1.Проработать грамматические и устные темы для самостоятельного обучения

2.Выполнить контрольную работу

3.Составить устный рассказ про себя (основываясь на устные темы для самостоятельного изучения)

I. Choose the right form of pronouns: personal, possessive, demonstrative. (Выберите нужную форму местоимения: личные, притяжательные, указательные)

1. My children are very nice guys. But sometimes _____ are so naughty. (they, you, she)

2. Our math teacher is very strict. We are afraid of _____ . (she, her, it)

3.You look very smart in ______ shirt. (these, this, those)

4. They have got two children, but I don't know ____ names. (them, their, they)

5.My uncle is in hospital so I am going to visit ____ this afternoon. (her, him, his)

6.Look at ____ cars over there. They are completely damaged. (these, that, those)

7.We take ____ dog for a walk twice a day. (our, it, my)

8.Mum, dad, ___ Sue, my girlfriend. (that, these, this)

9.Roger’s sister is from Belgium. ____ lives in Brussels for 4 years. (we, she, they)

10. I don’t know where is ____ workbook! (it, their, my)
II. Put the words into two columns: countable and uncountable. (Разделите слова по колонкам: исчисляемые и неисчисляемые существительные)

Egg, milk, tomato, fish, fruit, flower, bread, snow, cake, apple, juice, dress, lemon, butter, salt, meat, rice, potato, carrot, grapes, oil, cucumber, sugar, onion, garlic, plump, coffee, tea, cheese, cup, salad, berry, chocolate, money, orange, cherry, sandwich, cream, chip, water, cookie, banana, pear, chair, sheep, food.

III. Choose the right option (Выберите правильный вариант)

1.I have two ________ for lunch today. ( a) applees, b) apple, c) apples )

2.My favourite MacDo meal is a Big Mac with _____ ( a) fryes, b) frys, c) fries)

3.In my family there are more ______ than females. ( a) mails, b) males, c) malls)

4.New Zealand has a lot of ______. ( a) ships, b) sheeps, c) sheep)

5.There are many ______ here. ( a) flys, b) flies, c) flyes)

6.We catch a lot of ______ every month. ( a) fishes, b) fishs, c) fish)

7.My mother is afraid of _______ ( a)mice, b) mouses, c) mouths)

8.There are 12 _______ in the tray. ( a) egges, b) egg, c) eggs)

9.It is normal to have 28 ______. (a) tooths, b) teethes, c) teeth)

10. _______ are wiser than men. ( a) womans, b) wimen, c) women)

11.I love ____. They are nice when it is hot. ( a) tries, b) trees, c) trees)

12.You have lips like _____ ( a) cherryes, b)cherries, c)cheerys)
IV.Change the phrases to possessive nouns. (Замените словосочетания существительными в притяжательном падеже. Если этого сделать нельзя – выберите прочерк)

1. the shade of the tree - ...                         2. the economy of the country - ...

1. the tree's shade                                        1. the country's economy

2. the trees' shade                                        2. the economys' country

3. the trees's shade                                       3. the countrys' economy

4. -                                                               4. -

3. the work of the next week - ...               4. the toys of my children - ...

1. the next's week work                                1. my children toys

2. the next week's work                                2. my childrens' toys

3. the next weeks' work                                3. my children's toys

4. -                                                                4. -

5. the bedroom of my sisters - ...               6. the hobby of my wife - ...

1. my sister's bedroom                                 1. my wife's hobby

2. my sisters' bedroom                                 2. my hobby's wife

3. my sisters's bedroom                                3. my wifes' hobby

4. -                                                               4. –
V. Put the right article (a, an, the, -). (Вставьте артикли (a, an, the, -), где необходимо)

1.My … aunt and my … uncle are doctors. They work at … hospital. They get up at seven o’clock in … morning. They go to … bed at eleven o’clock. 2. What does your mother do after … breakfast? – She goes to … work. 3. Is there … sofa in your … living room? – Yes, there is … cosy little … sofa in … living room. – Where is … sofa? – It is in … corner of … room to … left of … door. 4. We have … large colour TV set in our … room. 5. This is … boy. He is … pupil. This … boy is my … friend. 6. My … mother is at … home. She always tells us … long … interesting … stories. 7. These are … pencils. … pencils are black. 8. He has not … car. But he has … computer. … computer is new. 9. I have … spoon in my … plate, but I have no … soup in it. 10. His … pencil is broken. Give me her … pencil, please.

VI. Write the correct form: have got / has got. (Напишите правильную форму: (+) утвердительную, (?) вопросительную или

(-) отрицательную)

1.We _________ cheese in the fridge. (+)

2.She __________ long brown hair. (-)

3.Mark and Leo _________ a new camera. (?)

4.Nick ________ karate lesson today. (?)

5.I ________ some apples in my pocket. (-)

6. We _______ good teachers. (+)

7.My friend ________ a super PC game. (+)

8.My sister and her friends _______ two hamsters in the cage. (-)

9.His parents ________ a big garden in the county. (?)

10.He _________ a new baseball cap. (+)
VII. Compete the text with the correct form of the verb in brackets (Present Simple) (Закончите текст, используя правильную форму глагола в простом настоящем времени)

Hi! My name is Lucy. I _______ (to live) with my parents in Sydney, Australia. My mother’s name _______ (to be) Lilith and my father’s name is Fred. I _______ (to have) two brothers and one sister. My brothers, Peter and Walter, _______ (to live) with us, too. Peter ______ (to study) in a school downtown. He ______ (to take) the train to school. He ______ (to get up) at 6 a.m. That’s very early! But Walter _______ (to get up) late. He ______ (to walk) to work. Peter ______ (to do) his homework every day at 5 p.m. My sister, Helena, _______ (to live) downtown with her husband, James. He _______ (to work) in the suburbs. They ______ (not / to take) the bus to or house. They ______ (to go) to our house by car. James _____ (to be) a doctor, but he _______ (not /to work) in a hospital, he ______ (to work) in a office. They ______ (to visit) us every Sunday. I really ______ (to love) my family!

VIII. Choose there is or there are. (Выберите необходимую конструкцию: there is или there are).

1…. five pens in the box.

2…. a car in the garage.

3…. some books on the table.

4…. a telephone in the bedroom.

5…. two tables in the kitchen.

6…. many birds in that tree.

7…. a magazine on the floor.

8…. four chairs in the room.

9…. seven days in a week.

10…. a drink in the fridge.
IX.Make negative and interrogative sentences (Сделайте предложения отрицательными и вопросительными)

1.There is an interesting show tomorrow.

2.There are several bedrooms in my previous apartment.

3.There is a cat under his car.

4.There are many children at school today.

5.There is a notebook in my bag.

X. Write a question using the underlined information and the wh-words (Задайте вопрос к выделенным словам, используя специальные вопросительные слова)

1.Her name is Mariana Guevara. (What)

2.My favorite actor is Bruce Wills. (Who)

3.I go to school on Thursday. (When)

4. Brenda cooks in the kitchen. (Where)

5.Aaron plays soccer because it is healthy. (Why)

6.They are from Russia. (Where)

7.She plays the piano every day. (When)

8. My favorite singer is Bruno Mars. (Who)

9. We live in Miami. (Where)

10.I rarely play soccer. (How often)

11.Oscar is a doctor in Thailand. (What)

12.She never goes to the gym. (How often)

13.Maria can play the piano in her house. (Where)

14.She loves apples because they are delicious. (Why)

15.My parents can cook some barbecue. (What)

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