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1. Answer the questions (Ответьте на вопросы):

1. Why did he think that he would remember it forever?

2. What made Will believe that Marcus was a bright boy?

3. What did Will feel about the incident with Fiona?

4. Do you agree with Marcus who said that his mother was different from the deadbeat in the waiting room?

5. Why did Will have another opinion?

6. What letter did Marcus find?

7. What was mother’s reaction towards that letter?

8. Dwell upon Marcus’s thoughts about a family consisting of two people.

9. What problem did Marcus face in the newsagent’s?

10. Describe the film. Do you agree with Marcus that the film wasn’t realistic?

11. Could Marcus understand Mother’s behavior and mood?

12. Speak about the way Will usually spent his time.

13. What idea came into Will’s mind?

14. Why did Will buy “Time Out”?

15. Why couldn’t Will find anything appropriate for Marcus?

16. What are the reasons of young people’s turning to crime and drugs?

17. What did Will and Marcus talk about?

18. What did Will buy in the shop?

19. Why did he spoil the seat in his car?

2. Comment on the sentences (Прокомментируйте):

1. Asking a kid to do anything in these circumstances was unreasonable.

2. The gestures belonged to quieter more domestic circumstances.

3. They were not appropriate for the oldest twelve-year-old in the world.

4. He didn’t want to sound like someone watching a really good disease-of -the -week film.

5. Again the momentary blankness: Ned and Paula.

6. Marcus was in a place where words didn’t matter.

7. He was trying to save his mum from watching a man committing suicide for hours on end, and she was calling him an idiot.

8. Marcus was starting to lose track of his mother.

9. It was the days that tested his patience and ingenuity.

10. Sarcasm, Will was beginning to see, was a language that Marcus found peculiarly baffling.

11. In the end-possibly to over-compensate his previous callousness-he bought the most expensive car seat in the store.

3. Translate (Переведите):

1. “Dear Marcus…”p.64

2. “Marcus was really angry”p.68

3. “Occasionally, when the mood took him…”p.72

4. Read and comment on the talk between (Прочитайте и прокомментируйте разговор между):

1. Marcus and his mum, p.68-69

2. Marcus and Will, p.75-76

5. Make up the plan of the chapters (Составьте план глав)

6. Find the words in the text to the definitions (Найдите слово в тексте по его значению):

1. Being like an uncle; kind and concerned about someone who is younger-(avuncular), p.73

2. Slightly crazy-(barmy), p.74

3. Happening or arriving late-(belated), p.76

4. Not excited about something and not caring whether it happens, or not interested in anything and unwilling to make an effort to change or improve things-(apathetical), p.75

5. Not caring that other people are suffering-(callous), p.77

6. To make a story or statement more interesting by adding details that are not true-(embellish) p. 73

7. Showing a desire to harm other people-(malevolent), p.74

Лабораторная работа 5

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1. Answer the questions (Ответьте на вопросы)

1. Why did Marcus want his mum to go with him?

2. What conclusion did Marcus come to after checking Will out?

3. What words have been chosen by the author to describe Fiona?

4. What place had Marcus chosen to go to and why?

5. Describe Fiona’s new look.

6. How did Fiona and Marcus react to Will’s car?

7. Why did Marcus want his mother to order the same dish as Will?

8. What did Marcus think about families?

9. What question did Marc us think about at the end of the dinner?

10. Why didn’t Will like Fiona?

11. Why did Will change his mind completely?

12. What happened during the visit?

13. Why did Will get drunk?

14. Why did Will decide to forget Marcus and Fiona?

15. Who came to him one day?

16. Speak about Will’s meditations about his life.

17. What is the difference between being daft and stupid-daft according to Marcus?

18. Why didn’t he tell anything about Will to his mum?

19. What comparison did the author draw between giving information to somebody and spending birthday money?

20. Why did Marcus want to see Will now and again?

21. What did Marcus and Will do together? What did they talk together?

22. How is Will’s flat described?

23. What did Marcus feel coming back home every day? How often did he think about his mum and what had happened to her?

2. Comment on the sentences(Прокомментируйте):

1. He seemed on his own.

2. He introduced himself, which Marcus thought very stupid as everyone knew who everyone else was anyway.

3. Marcus wasn’t sure what to look for but he had a feeling that this was going to work.

4. Nobody was going to get married to anybody at this rate.

5. But it’s got to be my sort of famous not your sort of famous.

6. He didn’t care whether the family he wanted were all men, or all women, or all children. He simply wanted people.

7. We have at least sixty years of conversational experience between us here.

8.It wasn’t the quality that embarrassed him, it was the sincerity.

9. There was nothing between her and the songs, she was inside them.

10. Marcus wouldn’t want pictures of people who took drugs and died.

11. Being an introvert just means that it wasn’t even worth trying.

12. Marcus was interested in that “old enough”.

13. All he wanted was the promise from someone, anyone that it wouldn’t happen again.

3. Translate (Переведите):

1. “So then there would be five of them…”p.78

2. “Marcus didn’t have a girlfriend…”p.84

3. “He’d never talked about it …”p.101

4. Read and comment on the talk between(Прочитайте и прокомментируйте разговор между):

1. Will, Marcus and Fiona, p.83-86

2. Marcus and Will, p.96-97

5. Find the words “work out” in the text and choose the meaning in what it is used (Найдите слово “work out” и выберите значение, в котором оно употребляется в тексте):

1. Calculate an answer

2. Think about somebody and manage to understand it

3. Think carefully about how you are going to do something and plan a good way of doing it

4. To work your body fit and strong

6. Find the words in the text to the definitions (Найдите слово в тексте по его значению):

1. Extremely unpleasant, because it is embarrassing or sad-(excruciating), p.91

2. To try to find out things about other people in a way that is annoying-(nose around), p.92

3. Having more money than many other people-(well-off), p.78

4. A statement that sounds reasonable and seems likely to be true-(plausible), p.92

5. Someone who carries goods from place to place and tries to sell them-(hawker), p.91

6. Make someone feel embarrassed by behaving in a stupid way when you are with them-(to show up), p.83

7. Silly or not very sensible-(daft), p.94

8. Something that is annoying, because it causes a lot of problems or is difficult to do –(hassle), p.98

9. Someone who behaves in a silly way-(wally), p.100

Лабораторная работа 6

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1. Answer the questions (Ответьте на вопросы):

1. Did Will get used to Marcus’s visits?

2. Why was Will always at home at 4.15?

3. Why did Will give up asking about Fiona?

4. What did Will come to know about Marcus’s dad?

5. How did Will look upon problems in somebody’s life?

6. What happened one day?

7. What is Will’s idea of being in disguise?

8. What feelings did Will experience after buying trainers to Marcus?

9. Why didn’t Marcus’s mother ask anything about trainers?

10. What did the author compare the trainers with?

11. Why couldn’t Marcus tell anything about stolen trainers?

12. Why did Marcus find Mother’s questions boring?

13. What feelings did Will experience talking to Fiona?

14. What did Marcus understand about his school life after Will’s shouting?

15. Why couldn’t Fiona understand her son’s problems?

16. Why did Marcus like the conversation?

17. Did Marcus agree with his mother that they were doing all right?

18. How did Marcus make his mother shut up?

19. When did Will hear his father’s song for the first time that year?

20. Why did Will hate Christmas?

21. What was in common in Marcus’s and Will’s childhood?

21. Did Will find it easy to perceive Fiona’s state of mind?

22. Speak on Will’s meditations on having dinner with a woman in a café.

23. What did Will and Fiona discus in the café?

2. Comment on the sentences (Прокомментируйте):

1. It wasn’t that he behaved badly when he came round, because he didn’t.

2. The thing was, Will had spent his whole life avoiding real stuff.

3. Their bravado was undercut by their immediate disappearance.

4. Will would never have run away from Will in a million years.

5. Sometimes Marcus sounded as though he was a hundred years old, and it broke Will’s heart.

6. You make yourself obvious.

7. You could shut life out. If you didn’t answer the door to it, how was it going to get in?

8. She spotted the socks which were only where they should be.

9. He’s sort of become my friend.

10. How come it was Will, though, whom he’d known for two minutes and not his mum, whom he’d known all his life.

11. The way he saw it the hospital stuff was more serious than the sweets and trainers stuff, and no one should mix them in together.

12. Neither of them was doing all right.

13. The two of them would still have found plenty to talk about at parties.

14. He had intended to keep his thoughts to himself throughout the conversation, but they kept escaping through the nose.

3. Translate (Переведите):

1. “It wasn’t that he behaved badly…”p.103

2. “That figured, Will thought….”p.105

3. “Marcus suddenly felt exhausted…”p.115

4. “She laughed…”p.120

4. Read and comment on the talk between (Прочитайте и прокомментируйте разговор между):

1. Fiona and Marcus, p.121-122

2. Will and Fiona, p.129-133

5. Make up a plan of chapters 17, 18. (Составьте план глав 16,17)

6. Find the words in the text to the definitions (Найдите слово в тексте по его значению):

1. To do something that makes someone unfriendly or unwilling to support you-(alienate), p.125

2. Using dishonest tricks and deceiving people in order to get what you want-(devious), p.130

3. Behaving in a way that deliberately tries to attract sexual attention, but not in a serious way-(flirtatious), p.129

4. To repeat a statement or opinion in order to make your meaning as clear as possible-(reiterate), p.130

5. Move gently through the air-(waft), p.129

6. Unexpectedly-(out of the blue), p.130

7. To attack or harm someone, especially a child by touching them in a sexual way or trying to have sex with them-(molest), p.115

8. A situation in which people blame each other-(recrimination), p.124

9. Someone or something that makes you feel better when you are sad or disappointed-(consolation), p.104

10. To change somebody’s appearance so that they look like someone else and people cannot recognize them-(disguise), p.109

11. To have something expensive you think suitable for some occasion but other people think it’s silly-(dog’s dinner), p.106

12. Something strange, unsuitable, different from everything around-(incongruous), p.104

13. Very generous-(munificent), p.112

7. Act out the scene of bombarding Marcus with sweets. (Проинсценируйте)
Лабораторная работа 7
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1. Answer the questions (Ответьте на вопросы):

1. Why didn’t Marcus like the idea of his Mum talking to Will?

2. In what mood did Fiona come back after talking to Will?

3. Why did Marcus go to the Headmistress?

4. Describe a new character.

5. Why did Marcus begin a conversation with Ellie?

6. What was the topic of their discussion?

7. Speak about Marcus’s meditations on being a truant and a tramp.

8. What new information about Will did you come to know?

9. What feelings did Will experience seeing Marcus in the street in the day time?

10. Why didn’t Marcus come to Will earlier on that day?

11. What did Will understand about helping Marcus?

12. What was everybody’s reaction to Marcus’s bunking off?

13. What was the topic of conversation between Marcus and Ellie?

14. What did Marcus tell Will about Ellie?

15. What did Marcus think about girls?

16. Why did Marcus ask Ellie about her boyfriend?

17. What did Marcus understand about Ellie?

18. What did Marcus’s classmates think and feel about Ellie’s appearing?

19. What did Marcus think about bad publicity?

2. Comment on the sentences (Прокомментируйте):

1. Every possible topic of conversation meant trouble of some sort.

2. He knew how loud the buzzer was inside the flat, and he had the time to ring it.

3. Nothing. This was his line and he was sticking to it.

4. She was so thick that in the end Marcus began to shout.

5. He loved being swallowed up in the flow of the city’s life.

6. He felt a little surge of affection to Marcus.

7. Marcus was locked into himself.

8. “So, we’ve scored”.

9. Marcus was getting frustrated with Will. Why didn’t he want him to make friends?

10. He’d only asked one question, and already he had made the girls laugh.

11. Marcus hoped that one of them had lost a life.

12. Nobody said anything. They couldn’t, unless they were prepared to argue with Ellie, which clearly none of them were.

13. Anyone hanging around with Ellie must have been kidnapped or brainwashed.

14. He did feel he’d been adopted.

3. Translate (Переведите):

1. So now he had a choice…(p. 135)

2. It was then for the first time, that Will saw the kind of help Marcus needed…(p. 147)

3. “Ellie didn’t care…”p. 152

4. “There’s no such thing as bad publicity…”p. 154

4. Read the talk between (Прочитайте разговор между)::

1. Fiona and Marcus (p. 135)

2. Marcus and Ellie (p. 136)

3. Marcus and Will (144)

4. Marcus and Ellie, p. 151

5. Act out the scene of Marcus’s coming into Will’s flat (Проинсценируйте)

Act out the scene of getting acquainted with Zoe, p. 149

6. Find the words in the text to the definitions (Найдите слово в тексте по его значению):

1. to walk in a slow relaxed way-(to amble) p. 142

2. to stay away from school-(to bunk off) p.146

3. to struggle with someone holding them tightly-(to grapple) p. 143

4. rude and disrespectful to someone older (teacher or parents)-(cheeky) p.137

5. stupid-(thick) p. 138

6. to avoid work or school by staying away or leaving without permission-(to skive off) p.146

7. To hit or knock against something-(to bump), p.148

Лабораторная работа 8
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1. Answer the questions (Ответьте на вопросы):

1. What did Will think about Christmas? What plans did he have for Christmas? Why did he change his plans?

2. Why did Will accept Marcus’s invitation to celebrate Christmas in his house?

3. Speak about Will’s meditations on ex-wives and ex-husbands.

4. What resolution would Will make on New Year’s eve?

5. What presents did Will, Fiona, Marcus prepare for each other? Explain their choice.

6. What did Marcus think of advantages of his parents’ living apart?

7. What did everybody do after giving and receiving presents?

8. Why didn’t Will want to wear a hat?

9. What was the reason of a row?

10. Why was Fiona angry at Lindsey?

11. What did Will feel when Suzie appeared at the party?

12. Why did Marcus find Suzie’s snubbing very exciting?

13. What did Marcus know about snubbing?

14. How did Marcus try to defend Will ?

15. How did Will make everybody appalled?

16. Who did Will fall in love with?

17. What did Will think of people who are in love with somebody?

18. Describe Rachel.

19. Why couldn’t Will attract t Rachel’s attention?

20. What was the most interesting thing in Will’s life?

21. What did Will compare his talk with Rachel with?

22. What did Will and Rachel decide to do?

2. Comment on the sentences (Прокомментируйте):

1. Christmas was a message to the world about where you were at in life, some indication of how deep a hole you had managed to burrow for yourself.

2. Any conversational holes that needed filling were usually filled by Marcus.

3. Fiona and her ex seemed to look back on their relationship as the thing that had brought them together in the first place, rather than something that had gone horribly wrong and driven them apart.

4. Marcus showed him this miserable haul with a pride and enthusiasm that almost broke Will’s heart.

5. Whatever old people wanted, they got.

6. There were snubbing rules, and you just had to sit there and be snubbed, even if you didn’t feel like it.

7. He vowed to bring up Marcus at the first available opportunity.

8. Clucking was something he had got really good at.

9. He had to be careful about the hospital stuff.

3. Translate (Переведите):

1. “Marcus was not deliberately funny…”p. 158

2. “Will knew he would never be good in that way…”p. 162

3. “One of his problems…” p.172

4. Read and comment on the talk between (Прочитайте и прокомментируйте разговор между):

1. Marcus and Will, p. 157

2. Marcus, Will, Fiona, Suzie, p.169

3. Will and Rachel, p.175

5. Act out the scene of Will’s humiliation (Проинсценируйте)

6. Find the words in the text to the definitions (Найдите слово в тексте по его значению):

1. The situation where you feel safe because you are with people who love and protect you-(bosom), p.156

2. People come together especially for a formal meeting-(to convene), p.159

3. Extremely funny-(hilarious), p.159

4. A feeling or attitude that is extremely unfriendly-(hostility), p.159

5. To hate something or someone very much-(to loathe), p.160

6. A mistaken belief or a wrong understanding of something-(misapprehension), p.159

7. To quarrel continuously about something important-(squabble), p.160

8. To destroy something or someone completely-(to annihilate) p.174

9. Very shocked by something very bad or unpleasant-(appalled) p.170

10. A cigarette containing cannabis-(joint) p.164

11. To step backwards suddenly and almost fall over, especially after being hit or getting a shock-(to reel) p.174

12. To treat somebody rudely, especially by intentionally ignoring them when you meet-(to snub) p.167

Make up a dialogue with these words

Лабораторная работа 9
Главы 25,26,27

1. Answer the questions (Ответьте на вопросы):

1. “The world is a small place.” How is this proverb connected with the beginning of the chapter?

2. How could Marcus guess who was Ellie’s mother? Did he enjoy her dancing?

3. What do you know about Ellie’s father?

4. What question did Ellie ask Marcus?

5. What did Marcus think about 1993?

6. Who insisted on a proper drink?

7. Why did Marcus watch his mother?

8. What did he compare their life with?

9. Why couldn’t Marcus trust Ellie?

10. How did Marcus solve his problem?

11. What did Ellie feel about her mother?

12. What did Marcus think about the place with no rules?

13. Where did Will and Marcus meet? What did Will want from Marcus? Why had Will chosen amusement centre to talk with Marcus?

14. Why didn’t Marcus want to support Will? What couldn’t he understand?

15. Did Will and Marcus find much in common?

16. What did Marcus and Will think of Marcus’s questions about his life?

17. What did Will feel when Rachel had called Marcus another name?

18. Describe Rachel’s house.

19. Describe Ali’s room.

20. Describe Alistair.

21. Describe Marcus’s and Ali’s feelings.

22. Why did Marcus leave Rachel’s house?

23. Where did Will find Marcus?

24. Why did Marcus agree to come back?

25. What did Marcus learn from Will?

26. What was Ellie’s reaction to Marcus’s new way of looking?

27. What happened at the newsagent’s?

28. What surprised Marcus?

2. Comment on the sentences (Прокомментируйте):

1. It wasn’t worth taking the risk.

2. Even though what they were talking about was miserable, Marcus was enjoying the conversation.

3. Marcus looked at him as if he had suddenly started speaking in Urdu.

4. The conversation had the virtue of creating of mutuality between them.

5. This mutuality seemed more than enough to persuade Marcus that it would be disloyal of him not to act as Will’s son.

6. The question was so basic and yet so pertinent that Will was so completely thrown.

7. “Yeah”, Marcus agreed and for a moment Will loved him.

8. He had obviously missed something already although he wasn’t quite sure what.

9. Marcus couldn’t see how you could threaten to kill someone by mistake.

10. How could you gaze into someone’s eyes if all you ever saw was their ears?

3. Translate (Переведите):

1. “Marcus had never had a proper talk…”p. 181

2. “It seemed big…”p. 182-183

3. “Even though it didn’t bother Ellie…”p. 185

4. “I want to be with her more…”p. 191

5. “Will had remembered…”p. 194

6. “Marcus was beginning to realize…”p. 198

4. Read and comment on the talk between (Прочитайте и прокомментируйте разговор между):

1. Marcus and Ellie, p.181

2. Marcus and Will, p. 192-193

3. Marcus and Ali, p.197

5. Act out the scene of dancing, p.178-179

Act out the scene of shaking hands (Проинсценируйте):

6. Find the words in the text to the definitions (Найдите слово в тексте по его значению):

1. careful to avoid danger or risks-(cautious) p.181

2. To feel someone to stop saying things that are completely wrong or untrue-(cut- the- crap) p. 187

3. Extremely unpleasant and making you feel sick-(disgusting) p.184

4. The quality of being able to produce the result that was intended-(efficacy) p.188

5. To make someone feel ashamed or uncomfortable-(to embarrass) p.179

6. To put your arms around someone and hold them tightly to show love or friendship-(to hug) p.184

7. To fix ideas, principles in someone’s mind-(to inculcate) p.192

8. Respect or hatred is felt equally by two people towards each other-(mutual) p.191

9. Very frightening dream-(nightmare) p.186

10. To give or to do something because something similar has been done to you or given to you-(reciprocate) p.189

11. To tell someone especially a child to be quiet by putting a finger against your lips-(shush) p.184

12. To misunderstand one small thing that makes you misunderstand everything about a particular situation-(to get the wrong end of the stick) p.186
Лабораторная работа 10

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