Цели и задачи

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Цели и задачи

Внеклассная работа по иностранному языку необходима для развития и поддержания интереса к изучению иностранного языка, для развития творческих способностей учащихся. Неделя английского языка, проводимая в школе, дает ребятам возможность на практике применить свои знания, независимо от их уровня, и дает возможность поверить в свои силы в изучении английского языка.

Главным принципом Недели английского языка является вовлечение учащихся школы в события Недели, предлагая им задания и мероприятия посильного уровня.

В рамках методической недели английского языка проводится много разнообразных мероприятий.

Я хотела бы поделиться с методической разработкой проведения Недели английского языка, которая была проведена в нашей школе.


Teacher . Good afternoon everybody! Today we are going to spear about the seasons of the year. Look at the picture and answer my questions: What season is it?

Children: It is spring!

March: In the spring, in the spring

Sweet and fresh is everything.

April: April weather,

Rain and sunshine both together.

May:In the spring, in the spring

Sweet and fresh is everything.

Teacher: What holidays do you know in spring?

Children: The 8th of March- Mother’s Day

The 1st of May- May Day,

The 9th of Day- Victory Day.

Звучит музыка П. И. Чайковского « Времена года»

Teacher: What season comes after spring?

Children: Summer comes after spring.

June : Come,my children,come away,

For the sun shines bright today.

Little children, come with me,

Birds and trees and flowers to see.

July: Get your hats and come away

For it is a pleasant day.

August: Let us make a merry ring,

Talk and laugh, and dance, and sing.

Quickly, quickly, come away,

For it is a pleasant day.

Three month all together.

We like flowers that are bright,

We like flowers that are white

We like flowers that are blue

We like red and yellow too.

Звучит музыка П. И. Чайковского « Вальс цветов».

Teacher: Now we come to autumn. September, October and November, come up here.

September: Autumn is the season,

When apples are sweet.

It is the season,

When school friends meet,

When noisy and funny,

And browned by the sun

With their books and bags

To school they run.

October: “Come little leaves”, said the wind one day,

“Come over the meadows with me and play,

Put on your dresses of red and gold

For summer is gone and the days are cold.

November: Dancing and whirling the little leaves went

Winter called them, and they were content.

Soon, fast asleep in their earthly beds,

The snow laid a coverlet over their heads.

Teacher: Which is the coldest season?

Pupils: It is winter.

Teacher: Let us talk about winter.

December: This is the season

When children ski

And old Father Frost

Brings the New Year.

January: The windows are blue at night,

But in the morning they are white

And snowflakes are filling

“Come out”, they are calling.

February: Get out of bed and take your sled

This cold and frosty day;

The sun is bright, the snow is right

For outdoor winter play.

Исполняетсяпесня ”Seasons”

Winter is white

Springtime is green,

Summer is golden

And autumn’s a flame.

Four lovely seasons

To make up a year,

Sing them by colour

And sing them by name.

Teacher: Now I see that you know all the seasons of the year. And now let’s compete. You are divided into 4 teams.


Описание картинки- “ Describe your season”.

Участвуют 2 человека от команды. Вытягивают картинку с изображением времени года и готовятся к описанию.

  1. Пока 2 участника готовятся к его описанию,остальная команда играет “Guesstheword”.Члены команды загадывают слово по теме « Seasons». Соперники должны отгадать, называя предложения по теме.

  2. Игра с использованием мимики и жестов.

Раздаются задания- изобразить какое-то действие(swim, skate, ski, playsnowball…). Игрок команды изображает это действие ,демонстрируя своим соперникам. Побеждает та команда, которая первой называет действие по-английски правильно.

  1. Riddles

  1. A little old woman with twelve children,

Some short, some long, some cold, some hot.

What is she?

(A year)

  1. A blue sheet which covers the whole world. What is it?

(The sky)

  1. What is without hands and without feet, without a head or a body, but open a door?

(The wind)

  1. What is that can catch me in the garden and make me wet, but cannot reach me when I am in the house?


  1. It is white, it is cold. We can skate on it. What is it?


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